Kidwelly Walk – 29.09.2009

This was a short walk from the Caravan site to the pretty little village of Kidwelly – approximately 2 miles – the fact that we walked it several times was besides the point – the first time we did this it seemed to be much longer than we first thought so I decided worthwhile to blog the walk!

Unfortunately before I had come to Wales I had encountered an accident so I was under strict orders to limit my walking on this holiday. So sad really as I was really looking forward to hiking as this was the practice run for Scotland – but I wouldn’t worry readers – many walks in Wales are planned particularly around the Pembrokeshire Coast Path – just watch and wait!

I digress.

The lane from the Caravan Park seemed well longer than it was first thought – by car it was difficult to navigate so by foot it is an interesting experience! Dodging the badly kept roadside – mainly brambles overhanging into the lane we found a public footpath to the station…. across the marsh. Well we decided not to take it. why? A marsh … without knowing it very well could have been pretty dangerous – and although it looked pretty well looked after – I wasn’t up to being sucked down some sort of sand hole!!!!

From 2009 – 29.09.2009 – Kidwelly Walk

We found a gorgeous little nature reserve with a river walk which was quiet and had a lovely view of Kidwelly and the Castle in the distance. It was lovely. After all the rush of the City of London – Kidwelly proved to be very peaceful indeed. Walking around the tiny village – that boasted very little shops – we finally reached our destination of the station. Just to look up our times for Tenby – hopefully our next walk!



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