Epping – Ongar – The Essex Way (Start) Walk – 09.08.2009

Epping is right at the end of the Central line. Quite a revelation if you ask me. Epping is out in the sticks – when you have arrived this underground station seems quite out of place. I even saw a few people sitting around with tents and such. (Strange I thought – I didn’t think I had taken the train to Glastonbury by mistake!)

Epping is at the beginning of the Essex way, which covers 81 miles from Epping to Harwich. Although I only cover a little part to Ongar. This time I hadn’t invested in an O/S map as I had (mistakenly -as I later found out) thought that this would be a well signposted route.

The route took me out of the station into farmers fields – which were impressive and to be honest I suddenly forgot how close I was to London via the Underground (only 40 mins!) lovely. The sun was shining – and once again it proves the British Countryside is a stunning place to walk

From 2009 – 09.08.2009 – Epping – Ongar Walk

The walk took me on a strange route to Fiddlers Hamlet (sounded something out of a Agatha Christie novel – particularly the country pub!) just needed a little church and it was all set for a murder! (either that or Midsomer Murders!) Although I understand that Dick Turpin did frequent this area during his lifetime – not surprising really with the amount of forest ares (Epping Forest being one of them) he could hide!

From 2009 – 09.08.2009 – Epping – Ongar Walk

The footpath again took me across numerous farmers fields and on into the woody area and a stop for lunch was called for! By this point the path was so well signposted I was really impressed 🙂 Coming out of the woodland area into Gernon Bushes an area of scientific interest.

It was at this point the Essex Way signposts sort of “ran out” – put it this way I couldn’t find them! Found a public footpath but not the Essex way. For the next few miles to Toot Hill the walk was very much improvised. At one point the Old Central Line (soon to be restored as a Steam Railway (Click here for the  Epping Ongar Railway Website ) was crossed. This part of the walk was difficult and stressful – but worth it, as this part of the walk was ended at the Green Man Pub in Toot Hill and a well deserved Lemonade!

So the Essex way was found again and the way to Ongar! The problem was it was getting a little dark at this point and the sun was beginning to set. The walk did take me past the little wooden chapel at Grensted

From 2009 – 09.08.2009 – Epping – Ongar Walk

3 fields on and at 9pm it seemed like a very epic walk but finally we arrived at Ongar!



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