Cheltenham Racecourse – Short Round Trip – 31.08.2009

This walk was taken on a Sunday afternoon, again a short walk – unfortunately the weekend that I went to Cheltenham it was rather busy, so I did not get the opportunity to walk as far I as I wanted to!

Cheltenham Racecourse is nestled in the Cotswolds hills – it is quite a hike to get out of the leave the course itself.

We headed towards Cheltenham Racecourse Steam Railway Station. This had been reestablished in 2003 by GWR (Gloucestershire and Warwickshire Railway) – and as mentioned in my previous blog the rest of the line went into Cheltenham Spa – probably via Pitville and Evesham Road where we had walked the day previously (but I am not too sure!)

From 2009 – 31.08.2009 – Cheltenham Racecourse Walk

We did not stay at the station as the train was not due in. So we soon found Gloucestershire County Council public Footpaths marked, which is always a good thing, it was then I heard the Steam Train coming 🙂 – I’m afraid I don’t know too much about the train – I do know that this engine was the “Black Prince”

From 2009 – 31.08.2009 – Cheltenham Racecourse Walk

Crossing over what seemed like a hastily put together bridge by Gloucestershire County Council for all Ramblers (felt rather iffy to me) I noted that the path wasn’t exactly going anywhere than to the to the road!

From 2009 – 31.08.2009 – Cheltenham Racecourse Walk

So I navigated my way over to the road – to try to get back to the racecourse and to join my friend – I did note however the sign to the “Cotswold Way” which runs behind the course across the hills to Cleeve Hill – something to attempt at some point. – Sneaking into the course to Camping site 9, 10 , 11

From 2009 – 31.08.2009 – Cheltenham Racecourse Walk

I must admit it was amazing to see so many tents in Cheltenham Racecourse I don’t think I can believe how big the area really is! I am quite surprised at how those racing horses can get round the track so quickly and over those jumps. (they are are nearly 6 foot in height)

Walking along the side of the racetrack it is quite impressive to see how beautiful the grass is, and wondering if I could ever get my grass to be like that, but then again if a few horses get along there, well it wouldn’t last long!

From 2009 – 31.08.2009 – Cheltenham Racecourse Walk

Negotiating the other Greenbelter’s and avoiding being run down by a Greenbelt Taxi (unusual to find taxi at a festival :-)) – Loving the idea though –

It was then back to my tent for tea and then back to work!



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