Cheltenham Racecourse – Cheltenham Town Centre! Short Hop 29.08.2009

It was a necessary Walk – and although this is not really training – it was worth blogging…

The walk from the race course to the town centre is not very long – approximately 1 mile. The entrance to the racecourse is directly opposite the University of Gloucestershire, and the Pitville Campus.

“Pitville” is referred to a lot in this part of Cheltenham – This is due to the landowner Joseph Pitt wanting to develop this area in 1820’s as “Pitville” with a pump room, spa and pleasure garden.

From 2009 – 29.08.2009 – Cheltenham Racecourse – Cheltenham Spa Walk

Walking Past Pitville Park, which houses what looks like a little aviary – it probably was at one point – but bunny rabbits and guinea pigs don’t look like they have wings to me….

From 2009 – 29.08.2009 – Cheltenham Racecourse – Cheltenham Spa Walk

A little building came into view – although it said it was a little tea place it looked more like a station – it was probably at one point part of a railway Line (probably the Cheltenham Racecourse Steam Line which I mention in my next blog!) which originally came from Cheltenham Spa Station. It Looked very odd if you ask me in the middle of a park –

From 2009 – 29.08.2009 – Cheltenham Racecourse – Cheltenham Spa Walk

As we walked on we spotted a sign to Holst’s birthplace and museum – Gustav Holst the composer of “The Planets”. Cheltenham was turning out to be full of history – somewhere to come back to at some stage!

It was then we had arrived in Cheltenham Town Centre to sort out shopping for Greenbelt – this is the shortest walk I have ever blogged – but it was so full of history!



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