Centenary Park and Back Round to Stanmore (Via the Marsh!)

Pondering whether to actually go on a walk earlier this morning after being rudely awoken by thunder and lots of lightining…… Especially if the pavements were still drying out, and the trees still recovering and the grass was to be wet under foot… but after seeing the sun come out and blue sky came our way and a cheery church service (with a fantastic tea service may I add – well ok – we were serving it LOL!!) a walk  to see what was out there and enjoy the little bit of sun was decided.

So off to Centenary Park it was….  Centenary Park is a small park, and hidden away, Harrow Borough Council however are very  proud of it at the moment they actually decided to spend a little bit of money on it (for a change) I remember, however about 5 years ago with a group of teenagers stripping down benches and creosoting them – Soul In the City it was – brilliant – dont think Harrow Borough Council was part of this!!

The Park itself is not that bad really – It has a bowling green, (Parsloes Park in Dagenham had one of those..) and a golf course!  Yep a Golf Course – not a full blown one wouldnt fit! and once your past the golf course, childrens and the tennis courts your out the other side, yes it is that small – but the hive of activity when the sun is out.

With itchy feet, we needed to go further afield. back up to Stanmore.  But to get to Stanmore you need to Walk via the small Lane and then the Marsh.

The “Lane” is not really a lane any more, although many many moons ago it was, trees lined it and horsedrawn  carriages were more frequent then the 79 bus and drivers of today!  At the top of  the Lane it turns into “Marsh Lane” which quite rightly deserves it’s name, part of Edgwarebury brook runs through the Marsh and the storm which I mentioned earlier, was still evident at 3.30 in the afternoon

Despite the noise of the traffic there was still time to hear wildlife, a woodpecker, yes it really was a woodpecker! I wasn’t dreaming! Woody Woodpecker Hahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Amazing, isn’t it in all this urban areas I have been walking and all this wildlife still keeps popping out!

History, oozes everywhere in Stanmore, through the Marsh, Paddys (Highwaymen to you and me!), Roman battles, Old Branch Railway Lines – but these are for another time!

Then slowly the walk had went on to Stanmore, but one quick glimpse of the Canon Park Gates (the other entrance to the Park I visited before – see my other blog!)

Then it was onto Stanmore for a well deserved late lunch 🙂


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