Cassiobury Park Walk – 26.07.2009

I was looking forward to a nice stroll, despite the lousy British Weather.  Typical Summer!  Cassiobury Park is one of Watford Borough Council’s most amazing achievements.  It is simply stunning, acres of land to walk with the River Gade and the Grand Union Canal to boot!

We meandered through the unkempt area of the park, well I say unkempt – just hadn’t been managed in a few weeks, as there was a very strange piece of wood was lurking in the grass..

From 2009 – 26.07.2009 – Cassiobury Park Walk

I think this was area had been left to become wild, as the most of the park had been used by families

We walked past the river and towards the canal, only to look at the waterfall the other side – The waterfall originally was created for a Mill (long since demolished) for Cassiobury House (the origins of Cassiobury Park) – not a natural feature but nevertheless lovely.

From 2009 – 26.07.2009 – Cassiobury Park Walk

We turned away from the busy canal lock and the Iron Bridge to walk alongside the Canal and turned off into the woody areas! Not so muddy thank goodness.  The streams were very full for July we observed due to the amount of rain we have had (so much for the Met office forecast for our summer!)

The wood is beautiful – not Whippendell Woods I must point out (saved for another time!) a few more streams lurking about in this area and some very strange nature that had not come across before – empty beer bottles, old barbecues – thinking getting in touch with British Wildlife to report my new discovery.

From 2009 – 26.07.2009 – Cassiobury Park Walk

We then crossed the bridge passed numerous fisherman to discover the signs for “Cassiobury Heritage Walk” – must find out what that is all about!

We walked along the river again and diverted once again by crossing the bridge to adventure into the unknown grassy area –  fighting our way through the undergrowth – we made it through easily to the canal to see a canal badge gliding along nicely along the grand union canal.

From 2009 – 26.07.2009 – Cassiobury Park Walk

We then ventured back round to the rustic bridge and to the playground area – boy the kids have a lot – zip wires, tunnels, slides and such couldn’t understand why it said only 14 and under could play in this area – ageist if you ask me.  We even had to wait at a level crossing for the train to pass by – it was so nice to see people actually smiling to be on a train that was working – if only all train travel was like that.

Then it was a walk past the paddling pools and back for a large cup of tea.

2009 – 26.07.2009 – Cassiobury Park Walk



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