Carmarthen Walk – 30.09.2009

Carmarthen was not planned at all. We had looked at the train times for Tenby the day before… Unfortunately we had walked from the caravan park and by the time we got the station, and were standing the platform and thinking we had a few minutes to spare – unfortunately we were wrong – we had missed it by twenty minutes and it was two hours to the next train! aargh!!!!!!!!

Frustrated we decided to do the best next thing and take the bus – but we got as far as Carmarthen. We decided to stop and have a look around. It is quite an ancient town (or is it a welsh city?) as it still has part of its castle – maybe not as magnificent as Kidwelly but the town is still rich in history.

From 2009 – 30.09.2009 – Carmarthen Walk

After a rest by the river (River Tywi) we took a walk around the city. We had to climb some steep steps to get back into the town, which surprised me – but then when I reached the top and looked at the view I realised the significance of why a castle had been built on this spot – it had commanded a very strategic position if a battle had taken place. The view was indeed stunning. Sadly their is little of the castle left.

Passing through Nott Square (Market Square) we took a very circular walk around the city. Whilst we we were on the way round I managed to stop and buy Mary’s homemade ice cream yum! We passed through the Guildhall square and through on to a small road which seemed to have some strange shops – a pharmacy which reminded of something out of Sherlock Holmes (it had large strangely shaped bottles with coloured liquid – all a bit odd…) then around to what seem like some beautiful park gates on the other side – but we did not get enough time investigate – so may be one day?

As we approached the end of the road I thought I saw something strange rising out of the roadside – metal – blimey Carmarthen City Council are bad at keeping rubbish down I thought – until I realised it was art – it was a fin of a fish!

From 2009 – 30.09.2009 – Carmarthen Walk

Walking the outskirts of the city and parallel to the river, and nearly taking the wrong road back into the city (the delivery road into a shop!) we found the stairs into the little shopping area – it was then I noticed from the view at the top the red dragon at the top of the roundabout!

After buying a well deserved drink we took the bus back to Kidwelly….



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