Barking Creek Walk – 22.11.2009

This has taken a long time to blog!

This walk was in a very urban area. Barking is not known for open space at all. At least you wouldnt think so. Having rested for quite a long time I thought it was time for my first training walk. Not glamourous and not the coast as I had hoped but none the less surprising.

On the look out for an open space, as I was assured there was one, I came across my first suprise, a steam train!

From 2009 – 22.11.2009 – Barking Creek Walk

I still have no idea why an American (I am convinced it is not an English Steam Train) Steam Train was doing in the middle of an industrial estate with no train lines!

The next surprise was there was definetly an Openspace as promised, Creekmouth Openspace to be more precise which had its own preservation society! It is all part of the River Roding. This eventually meets up in Chipping Ongar (where I walked earlier in 2009 many moons ago!) How easily history is forgotten when you are in a middle of a modern and smelly Industrial estate, it was lovely to see the reminders of Creekmouth village and what was there – and how they were restoring the open space for 2010. Sadly not enough for me to stay in.

I navigated back to A13 back on to Barking Creek again and I have to admit it is beautiful once you duck under the horrible (well I think so!) roads, brushland and rivers and wildlife is all hidden and you even find barges and a lock! I forgot for a small moment I was in London (well for a moment) how nice)

Sadly I left the creek and had to go through noisy Barking but had to pass through Eastbury and past the gorgeous Eastbury Manor House in Upney – who would have thought a lovely place in the middle of a housing Estate 🙂

From 2009 – 22.11.2009 – Barking Creek Walk



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