Swansea To Mumbles Walk – 02.05.2009

Unplanned walk this!  The walk was not far really – just a short little walk from Swansea Marina to Mumbles.  Walking through Swanseas newest addition – Swansea Point – not sure really if I was that impressed to be honest.   However, the sun was shining over Swansea Bay and it was glittering  on the sea.  This walk was to meander along the old Swansea & Mumbles Railway track which is now a walk along the Swansea bay

From 2009 – 02.05.2009 – Swansea To Mumbles Walk

Meandering past the Marina, and detouring to Singleton Park boating lake- crammed packed with children, since is was beautiful day – however it was very noisy – too noisy really – so back onto Swansea Bay Walk!  Moving past BlackPill Lido, we carried on with our walk along bay – I was feeling particularly light on my feet – especially as I was not using walking boots.

It was a so nice to be able to walk slowly along the Swansea bay and enjoy the entire Sweep of the bay, to see Mumbles Pier a lot nearer and to be able to enjoy the warmth of the sun … I was a little surprised, once we reached the Mumbles village we had reached Southend of all places?! Just how confusing is that!?! Blimey – must have taken a wrong turning at Singleton Park!!

As we neared our walks end, we decided that it was not to be Joes Ice Cream in the Mumbles today, but a delicious coffee Ice Cream at Verdis Ice Cream Parlour …. yummy…   Just right to set us up to reach the beautiful Mumbles Pier (even if it was a small stroll away!).  Please feel free to take a look at all the photos that we took that day –

2009 – 02.05.2009 – Swansea To Mumbles Walk



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