South West Coast Path – Zennor – Pendeen Watch Walk – 17.09.2008 – Day 4

Leaving the dairy farm behind, seeing the wide eyed cows looking towards me looking all cute and sweet. Moving past the. Museum and the pub that serve the most wonderful ice cream 🙂 and past the church back to the rocky path.

Path not as rocky as yesterday, but the scenery absolutely speculatular. Again taking my breath away. The ocean so clear, waves crashing against the rocks. As I made my way across to Gunnards head I thought I was having a road to damascus experience… But no it was simply my phone had picked up a signal in the middle of nowhere!!!! Total shock! Messages from out there in the real world!

As I carried on I saw the most amazing thing a basking shark. Woah! Not a bad life basking in the sunshine. Taking it easy, enjoying the clear ocean. Pity it was so far away, the photo I ended up taking looking like a blob!!!!

From 2008 – 17.09.2008 – South West Coast Path – Zennor – Pendeen Watch Walk

Past abandonded tin mines. Quite an eeirie sight lots of warning signs not to go off the path – no way was I going to do that didn’t like the idea of falling down one.

Scrambling round yet more rocks and a few scary moments thinking that I had lost the path I managed to make round to see Pendeen lighthouse 🙂

Unfortunately I took 2 bad turnings (that’ll teach me for following the crowd!) Past the amazing waterfalls, beach (mmm – how I wanted to lounge about on that!!) Finally I got to Pendeen lighthouse! Hooray I made it!

Oh no not quite….. I had to walk to Pendeen village yet! On my slow walk there… Suddenly a Cornwall County Council van stopped “Hi… You’ve been walking a long way” says a voice to me…. Confused I explain the walk come from Zennor today blah blah blah they reply “we know we saw you this morning in Zennor we working up there. Don’t worry Pendeen ain’t far – bye and good luck one the walk” and with that they drove off…. Said under my breath “if I wasn’t doing this for charity could at least offered me a lift!!!!!”

Got to Pendeen and the trusty back up team were there to greet me 🙂 all smiles. Gladly whisked me off to the nearest cafe (Geevor Tin mine) and indulged in Cornish Cream tea and did not feel any guilt whatsoever!!! (Not after all the walking I have done and have 3 more to do!!!!!!

All the days Photos are as follows

2008 – 17.09.2008 – South West Coast Path – Zennor – Pendeen Watch Walk

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