South West Coast Path – St Ives – Zennor Walk – 15.09.2008 – Day 3

Tough part of the path today and very painful.  Most people whizzed past me at millions of miles an hour. very frustrating since I couldn’t go any faster with my foot. Bruise is going down but pain is still there :-(.  Scenery simply amazing you can’t beat it.  I am not sure if you believe in God but He is the most most amazing artist when He created the Cornish coast. It made me cry. Although I do admit He probably had His own Slartibartfast angel designing it!!!

Still it took my breath away.  Looking across the Atlantic you could see for miles and miles of ocean amazing. The incredible sound of the waves crashing against the rocks. Pounding like thunder I thought I was in a thunder storm but realised there was no rain or lightening.

I plodded along the path slowly, scrambling across the rocks, slipping my way across the path. Slowly, but very with my feet on the path I made my way close to the cliffs, scared how close to the edge I came, glad I never (until you reader) told my parental back up team how close I really came to the cliff edge I got (parents would really panic then!)

Finding my way across rocks and streams, thinking “are you sure this isn’t Scotland?” I panicked that I had taken the wrong turning when I spotted all the heather I was walking through!!  As I just I was flagging I grabbed my trusty cola bottles and hey presto as spinach is to popeye – they came to the rescue – I leapt (well not quite leapt) regained strength to the final hurdle to meet up with my back up team! Day 3 completed 🙂

After all that walking, it was nice to rest up and enjoy a meal at the well appointed “The Tinners Arms”  which is the only pub in Zennor!  I extremely happy to enjoy Zennor’s wonderful moomaid of zennor ice-cream (my other passion in life apart from walking) it is very highly recommended

For some reason, probably because the path was quite treacherous that day, no photos were taken en-route!  But please enjoy the photos of Zennor which I did manage to take!

2008 – 16.09.2008 – South West Coast Path – St Ives – Zennor Walk



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