South West Coast Path – Sennen Cove – Porthcurno Walk – 19.09.2008 Day 6

Set off leaving the back up team behind, (ensuring that I had covered myself with tons of suncream) I walked the coast path towards lands end, the scenery proving to be as stunning as it could ever be. The path a little easier than previous days, so a little more enjoyable to walk.

Before I knew it I was at Lands End 🙂 my backup team were there to cheer me on through. Quickly stopping by the first and last house, I made my way with the team for a while and then back on to the path.

From 2008 – 19.09.2008 – South West Coast Path – Sennen Cove – Porthcurno Walk

Got scared at one moment when there was sea all around. Don’t panic readers, I hadn’t gone the wrong way I was one the tip of Cornwall moving from North Cornwall to South Cornwall – and not about to fall down any cliffs!
Sadly I did turn down one wrong path, but that’s for following the sign religiously and not trusting my instincts and going to the kissing gate (no not that type of kissing!!) Through Porthgwarra village and on to Porthcurno…

Then it happened I had a Moses moment a burning Gorse (not bush) I thought I might hear the Lord’s voice but no such luck 😦 so still on.

Went on to Minack Theatre and to Porthcurno cove. Defintely heard the Lords voice this time; no sorry actually it was the ocean really, it was clear and inviting, and it was my feet desperate to go in!!!!!
Never mind I moved on to meet my ever faithful back up team with smiles 🙂

All the Days Photos are as follows –

2008 – 19.09.2008 – South West Coast Path – Sennen Cove – Porthcurno Walk

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