South West Coast Path – Porthcurno – Penzance Walk – 20.09.2008 – Last Day

The ever faithful back up team left me at Porthcurno, to start my hike down the path. Found the path with ease this time, although the first mile was a little tricky to Penbeth Cove.  This cove, was a working Cornish fishing cove, like you see in watercolour paintings of old villages from the past – like you have stepped back in time or something – it was quite something to see, I thought I was dreaming, but not it was quite real!!!

From 2008 – 20.09.2008 – South West Coast Path – Porthcurno – Penzance Walk

Onwards, the scenery was absolutely stunning throughout, and the sun was incredibly hot today. It felt more like June or July rather than September! I hiked on and taking on more water than usual which was a mistake, as suddenly had a desire to need the little room…… I had to hike another 3 miles before I could reach one!

Nearly had another Burning bush experience, until I realised it was a just a farmer trying to burn something, only trouble was it made Cornwall smell like war torn somewhere or other!!!!!

But once I had got past Lamorna cove, just as I thought the terrain may be a little easier, I was wrong!, I still needed to fight through mud and streams and woods and rocks! I still needed to be like Indiana Jones!!

Fighting my way through to Mousehole (and readers it is not pronouced “Mouse hole” ) I met Patrick, who had passed me on the path at a point before but had stopped in Lamorna for lunch and very kindly helped me with showing me the oldest house in Mousehole and sponsoring me on the event 🙂

After stopping for a short break…. I realised I was almost at my journeys end… Penzance!!!!!

Only another 3 miles to go! Mostly on the flat through Newlyn and then to Penzance station! I thought I could power walk it, but I dont think I could have done it

Still the sun was behind me and my shadow was long in front of me, and people were looking at me very strangely, everyone was dressed casually in their shorts and flip flops, just been shopping all relaxed, and me with messy hair in a hat, muddy shoes, trekking pole, I probably looked like a I had come from a war torn country or,….. more like

the lone or Pale Rider….. (cue Pale rider or spaghetti western music) coming into town with trusting trekking pole… wearing her trusty hat and don’t you dare mess with her….

Still on to Penzance Station…………………………….


Cue back up team

I said Cue Back up team

Ahem…… I said Cue Back up team


yes the back up team where there but on the other side of the road!!!! They were looking the wrong place bless them!!!

I do love them you know !

All the days photos –

2008 – 20.09.2008 – South West Coast Path – Porthcurno – Penzance Walk

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