South West Coast Path – Pendeen – Sennen Cove Walk – 18.09.2008 – Day 5

Got to Pendeen with the backup team. Walked through the Geevor mine using the correct path only to stray along the wrong one! A freaked out back up team stressed that I didn’t have to keep going (I had by this point cut my finger, shown them how close I had been scrambling to the cliff edge etc) – don’t worry readers I didn’t give up I carried on. A phone call to them to calm them down helped. One problem though, on putting the phone down the sign “Danger of Death” loomed into view.

From 2008 – 18.09.2008 – South West Coast Path – Pendeen – Sennen Cove

I carried on round to Cape Cornwall to some amazing views. Called the back up team once again to meet for tea, I know that’s unusual but felt it helped us all Once again enjoying the walk round, I did come across something unusual…… Two men were on a footbridge, doing strange things to the stream…. Letting me past, they smiled and stated “we only carrying out experiments!” “Oh ok and thanks!” And walked on rather quickly before I try to find out what they are carrying out experiments on… Rapidly hoping that they were not hoping to try it on me!!! Scrambling across a few more rocks and then across a nature reserve I see Sennen Cove within my sights! Nearly there! Down to the beach, I could have either taken the dunes at the back of the beach or across of the beach or trek the beach itself well the beach was calling my name so loudly…. So as I started to cross off came my walking boots and socks (not many people round to faint at the smell!!) Not anything else though as I had forgot my bikini!!

As I heard the ocean call my name so clearly I paddled in the clear ocean on my way to my finish point. Off the beach and back on with boots to meet up with the back up team once again

2008 – 18.09.2008 – South West Coast Path – Pendeen – Sennen Cove

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