Shoeburyness – Benfleet Walk – 13.04.2009

Sore Feet?!

Nah not me!

After breaking out my boots in February in the snowy weather, I had only be using them for the odd 2/3 mile walk… (busy life me)

Weather had prevented the really long walks, and early yesterday rain had set in, and it was “oh no not again”….

Eventually braving the weather and getting to the train station – looking ready to hike in the himalayas rather than shoeburyness… the sun broke through and hey presto the train even decided to turn up..!

Shoeburyness was a strange experience, a level crossing! wasn’t expecting that one…. and the MOD signs everywhere. The MOD area that once was is now a housing estate, so strange, empty buildings, it felt like something abandoned from World War 1, spooky……..

From 2009 – 13.04.2009 – Shoeburyness – Benfleet Walk

Hiking onwards to more familiar territory, or so I thought, thought Shoebury common beach – mmmm nice, Thorpe bay. On into Southend – but oh dear something was missing!I was looking for something that wasn’t there! been away two years and they remove a jetty (year and half to be precise) crikey – lose all my sense of direction – then walk right into a bikers convention – blimey LOUD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Past Adventure Island – keep calm… and eyes forward and no rollercoasters! Confusion rained when I saw a Darlek and Darth Vader – we are all in trouble now – credit crunch – thats nothing!

keeping going – past rossis ice cream parlour mmmmmm no temptation to tempt us to stop 🙂

through to Chalkwell and Leigh on Sea – cobbled street and surely we haven’t walked on to St Ives by mistake 🙂

Sun is still gorgeous and lets go on…. strolling on….

through to Hadliegh Castle….Country Park… My phone goes – my friend calls me to chat – tells me about the bikers helps me smile –

Waving at the C2C train and onwards past Hadleigh Castle to Benfleet – and all I can think of is a cup of TEA to be honest !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To view all the photos for this 10 mile walk –

2009 – 13.04.2009 – Shoeburyness – Benfleet Walk



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