Sandy waters – Millennium Park Stroll – 03.05.2009

Is this really training? Well not really, but a short mile walk, with the sun blazing, strong welsh wind blowing off the Loughor estuary how can I resist but blog!

This time the goal was upside down the ice cream was first… Marshfield farm to be precise – lovely – although I have tasted the delight before – I tried coconut flavour (untried) – not quite bounty bar but still yummy…

Crunched along the beach – over the shells, pebbles, seaweeds and dead crabs ewww yukkk! Still the view across the estuary is wonderful. Then on hearing the jungle drums (or is that the psalmist drummers from greenbelt LOL) and doing indiana jones through the dune grasses.

Turning back their was a choice of paths, for fun I choose the smaller path – maybe it was a mistake as I ran out of it!
Back to the main path again and meandered back to the ice cream place but not ice cream but to sit down!
Don’t worry readers no signs of slowing down just enjoying the slowness of a welsh sunday afternoon mmm…

All the photos are as follows

2009 – 03.05.2009 – Sandy Waters – Loughor Estuary Walk

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