South West Coast Path – Porthreath – Hayle Towans Walk 14.09.2008 Day 1

Wow this is it! Out of the tent safely… Into Portreath safely. Start of the path was a straight little lane, mmmm this does not really prepare you for what is next … Climbing a steep (very) hill – blimey nearly thought I was unfit ! Then at the top it hit me between the eyes I turned the air blue with my amazement and awe at Gods creation. The walk took me round the coast round to Hells mouth (yep that’s its name!) For the best cheese and chutney sandwich I ever had. Surprisingly I came across my parents next door neighbours!!! Small world?!

Still onward and to Godrevy point and most amazingly Seals surfing the waves in the bay the rest lounging about on the beach (oh how I wish I could have joined them!)

From 2008 – 14.09.2008 – South West Coast Path – Portreath – Hayle Walk

Further on to the Towans and disaster strikes, path markers get lost amongst the dunes, I get lost in the dunes, I slip in the dunes, it rains and the waterproofs are not very waterproof 😦 Still, escape route plan to the rescue, 9 miles (2 miles left to go) gone and I need to use my batphone to call my backup team to rescue point. Sadly I was not sure were it was!!!! After spotting some caravans, and dragging myself, somewhat bedraggled, to talk to a lady in the ladies (ok probably not the best of places but – was desparate – but not in that sense!) Found out where I was the back up team rescued me and took me the last two miles. Supporters out there do not worry, I have been able to carry on! But the pain on the foot has been worse than I originally thought!

All the  days photos are below –

2008 – 14.09.2008 – South West Coast Path – Portreath – Hayle Walk


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