Honeypot Lane to Canons Park Walk – 26.04.2009

The sun shining and the heat just like June, birds twittering, and a short stop to play pooh sticks, and we hadn’t even arrived in the park yet… MMMM

Strangely, we were passed by some Americans, strange I thought I was walking in England……………

On the way to the park we walked passed the Ice Cream Van, my thoughts distracted for the moment (I had already resisted when I visited the little shop to get water) we entered the park. Canons Park is really beautiful and has been restored in the last few years, I think the biggest change is the sound of childrens laughter and screams – there is a new play area – what fun that looks!

Canons Park –

From 2009 – 26.04.2009 – Walk From Honeypot Lane to Canons Park

Walking across the park to King Georges V Gardens / Temple the sun still shining, the aroma of the wisteria was strong, (wisteria clinging to the fully restored walls.

For One second we stopped to glance in the pond and thought we’d look – excellent – we saw Newts!!! 3 of them – but as one came up for breath the obvious question – “did you have your camera ready?” – did I heck – One lost Kodak moment AAAAGRHHHH!

We walked on out of the gardens to Canons Drive, blimey – this place is amazing! Half the houses look like Harry Potter should live there or they should be in some sort of American movie!

Even stranger when you see someone has a red telephone box, and two pillar boxes in their back garden!!

See what I mean –

From 2009 – 26.04.2009 – Walk From Honeypot Lane to Canons Park

Going to the little lake to see the baby coots or is it moor hens (can never remember white for coots or red for moor hens??)

Going back up Canons Drive and into the park, we had a clear view of the canons manor house, its pretty amazing – you can just imagine having your horse drawn carriage taking you to Canons Park Station every day 🙂

Walking back a very strange thing occurred the American girls returned – scary deja vu moment….. did the walk even happen…….?

I know it did I have the photos and the very pink face (I caught the sun!) to prove it! :-0

All the photos for this walk are as follows

2009 – 26.04.2009 – Walk From Honeypot Lane to Canons Park



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