Merry Hill Walk -10.08.2008 –

Phew! Just a short Circular walk today!

Merry Hill…. Sounds very Tudor to me but I couldn’t really see anything Tudor about the place.  Views are very beautiful but not as I suspected. Stuck behind urban Bushey in Hertfordshire, a very country place, could have quite easily been Devon… but the lack of sea and the Pylon gave away the fact it wasn’t! Apart from that a lovely place to have a picnic….

But then again, I would put a word of warning out there….. There are potentially dangerous animals there… Oh well may be not dangerous – Cows – just very friendly, docile and curious. So I left them alone and wandered over to Jubilee bridge, then to hartsbourne wood and then via the fruit field.

A good place a stroll – see google maps where Merry Hill is located 🙂 …

Just realised it is just over a month until my walk now! eek…………..

Link to all my photos –

2008 – 10.08.2008 – Merry Hill Walk


**note that this walk was the first one I ever blogged and was taken from my 20.six site that went down hence why it is in the wrong order!**


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